Puf: Dancing in the Desert

Dancing in the desert to Puf by Murat Boz.

Dancing in the desert! Special thanks to my dance partner (who is not interested in putting her name out there at this time), and to Kasey for filming this video. Hope you enjoy it.

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Song is Püf by Murat Boz. Buy on Amazon.

Kasey’s channel can be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/IssacCrowBlade

BellyHops Tutorials

Here is a list of BellyHops tutorial links.  Click on each item in the list to access the video.  There is also a video list of the tutorials on a single page here.

More tutorials are added frequently so check back here often.

  1. Hip Pistons
  2. Layered Hip Pistons
  3. Hip Drop
  4. Hip Shimmy
  5. 3/4 Shimmy
  6. 5/4 Shimmy
  7. Chest Slide
  8. Chest Circles
  9. Chest Lift
  10. Shoulder Shimmy
  11. Hip Circle
  12. Omi
  13. Camel
  14. Taqsim
  15. Undulation
  16. Hip Twist
  17. M&M
  18. Mayan
  19. Back Crossover Turn
  20. Front Crossover Turn

Outfit No. #1: The Green Outfit

I’m finished!  Finally.  :)

And you know, I’m actually rather pleased with the result.  I had some awesome material, a sewing machine that had never been used, and apparently, too much time on my hands (ok, not really.  This took me a lot longer than I wanted it to.)  Hopefully this inspires something in someone out there, because you too can make a crazy-A costume like this.

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Sketch of Green Outfit

So here’s the costume idea so far (click on the picture for a larger view):

Samimi's Green Outfit Design
My model is clearly trapped in the ’80s with that hair
  • Black Pants
  • Belt
  • Green Overlay Skirt
  • Green Arm Bands
  • Green Halter Top

As you can see, I’m not an artist, but it’s a pretty simple design so I’m excited.  I’ve already started on the arm bands, and holy canola oil, it’s time consuming – although that might honestly be because I’m really slow… But it feels like it’s taking forever.  In reality, it’s probably only been an hour but I’m lazy and these arm bands just go on and on.

Well that’s it really.  Just an update on the newest (first) costume.  I call it ‘The Green Outfit’ because I’m using green cloth and I’m original like that.


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