Website Update

Hey everyone, I’ve been really busy lately and I’ve come to some good and bad conclusions: I don’t have the resources to make this site what I want it to be right now.  In particular, the Move A Day page has to be put on hold.  Maybe someday I’ll have the time and money to record, edit, and publish a short breakdown every day, but right now things are just too personally hectic.

I do have some good news though: I got a new camera, and it far and away exceeds the smart phone camera in awesomeness.  So I’ll be using that from now on.  I’ve decided that for right now I can comfortably produce at least one video (drills, tutorials, choreography, etc.) once a week.  And now that my camera is more awesome and I have more time to put into filming and editing (because once a day is just really a lot and if I’m honest, they weren’t the caliber I wanted them to be) so the plan is, once a week there will be a new video.  We’ll start with that, build up the site slower but better, and see where that goes.  :)

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