Move a Day for May 7th, 2012.  Ok, so you may notice that the Move a Day skipped May 5th and May 6th.  Yeah, about that…

Here’s the thing, it takes quite a bit of time from conception to upload.  To choreograph, film, edit, render, and upload takes time.  A lot of time.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to streamline that process/quit my day job, but until then the M.A.D.s will have to be confined to the weekdays.  I need the weekends to work on them.  I wish I could make them every day, but it’s difficult just to get out 5 a week.  7 is unrealistic for me at this point.  I’m very sorry.

So now that that’s over, here’s today’s move, and I got to say I worked hard on this one.  It’s more hip hop than belly dance but it’s fun!  It’s done around a clip from the song ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love Again’ by Usher, but it’s to the Pitbull part of the song.  Hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “05/07/2012”

    1. When I filmed that segment I was under the impression I would have a camera this week. I was wrong. I’ll back them up and upload this week’s on Monday though! :)

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