Performance Perfect

Learn how to make your own skirts, pants, veils, cholies, coin bras, and accents.  Learn the basics of costuming, how to dress if you’re looking to hide specific areas, how to protect your body when doing advanced moves, and how to keep on the body art.


Video Tutorial No. 1: Making a Belt Skirt

What you will need:

  • Thread (the color of your cloth)
  • Sew on snaps (about 6 to 10 will do the trick)
  • A belt that can be sewn through
  • A fairly large and tough needle
  • About 8 feet by 6 feet of material (any cloth is OK as long as it’s not too firm that it can’t bunch or it doesn’t flare when you turn in circles).  I used a queen sized sheet for this tutorial.

Start to Finish Time:

About 4 hours for me.  The sewing takes the longest amount of time, and I was slightly distracted by Burn Notice season 5 as I was making this…


You can make this skirt with a leather or pleather belt by using a hot glue gun or super/crazy glue for the snaps on the belt side.  You will still need to sew on the snaps for the skirt, but it does cut down on some sewing time (albeit at a cost.  I don’t trust glue to hold up as well under wear and tear).

The nice thing about this skirt is that it’s easy to make, easy to put on and take off, and if you use the sew on snaps instead of sewing the cloth directly onto the belt, it’s very versatile.



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