Body Art 101 Part 3: Glitter Art and Other Sparklies

So this week I want to talk about glitter tattoos, mica tattoos, and those fake jewels you can plaster all over yourself.

mehndi and glitter body art

Firstly, body glitter.  Body glitter can be used to accentuate other types of ‘fake’ tattoos, such as henna or jagua, as seen in the picture above.  It’s important to get the right kind of glitter, as store bought craft glitter is usually a bit larger than body glitter, heavier, and harder to hold onto.  Also, if you go to the right place, you can get tons of different colors, colors you’re just not going to find in Walmart’s craft section.

One of my favorite places is  They have a ton of body art supplies, but mostly their fairly reasonably priced, and they offer wholesale pricing, which can come in really handy if you’re prepared to spend more than $150.  Which might honestly be worth it some cases, depending how often you perform with glitter.  They also offer mica, which can be used to make, you guessed it, mica tattoos.

Mica is actually a type of mineral used in just about every beauty product that sparkles.  Bronzers, eye shadow, sparkly lip color, most of them use mica.

Mica powder blue green

Mica can also be used to paint onto the skin, creating a very shiny, but not quite glittery appearance.

Mica powder used as a fake tattoo

So mica can be used right alongside henna to create quite a nice and bright appearance.  You can also simply dust mica over henna or jagua while it’s drying to give a more finished feel while the henna/jagua sinks in.  Either way, it’s fun stuff.

Adding jewels to your creation is fun too, and you can get them in the form of nail jewels.

Nail Jewels for fingernails

They can be added to any temporary design for the skin, not just nails.  They can be used as bindis and other decorative facial designs.

Nail art rhinestone bindi
Besides the middle one, not originally intended for the face…

How to Use:

In order to keep mica on, you can use an eyeliner sealant, and that usually does the trick.

For glitter, you can use body glue as a base, but it will still rub off.  I recommend using spray on bandage over your glitter tattoos.  Although it stinks to high heaven for a couple of minutes, it keeps that glitter on, and you don’t wind up making a stage full of shine.  Of course, you can always use hairspray in a pinch on top, but it will make your skin feel really weird and dry it out.  The advantage of spray on bandage is that it’s meant to be used directly on skin and it’s meant to hold, so it’s really the perfect finishing spray.  Plus, you can pick it up at most grocery stores.

Curad spray on bandage in box

If you’re looking for something a little easier to remove, don’t use body glue.  Instead, use a really high powered hair gel, mix the glitter and gel (or glitter and mica if you prefer) and then apply through a soft syringe (a bag with a hole in it) like you would henna.  The gel will hold the glitter, but will come off in the first wash – be careful though, it will rub off easier, come off onto your clothes, the floor, etc.

applying henna to a hand through a soft syringe

To keep rhinestones and bindis on, you can use a clear nail base/sealant, or you can use body glue.

Whatever you use, just remember that for glitter and mica, you’ll need a base to hold and most likely a finishing spray, and for larger decorations like rhinestones, you’ll really just need a good base.

Hair gel, body glue, and a strong nail base all make fairly good bases.  Hair spray and spray on bandage both make excellent finishing sprays.  One last comment about the spray on bandage though, just in case you missed it the first time, it stinks.  It stinks bad, so my advice is to spray it outside, and avoid ever having to spray it on your face because trust me, you will be sorry if you get it near your nose…

Happy painting!

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